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Horsch Sprinter 6 ST combinaţie masina de semănat

Nr. QF: 6120211
21.301 €(17.900 € plus 19% TVA)
Jud. Timis DN 69 Timisoara – Arad, Km 22
RO-307305 Orţişoara
Stare Gebrauchtmaschine
An de fabricaţie 2005

Alte detalii
Ofertant gewerblich
Categorie Maşină combinaţie masina de semănat
Producător Horsch
Model Sprinter 6 ST
Disponibil din imediat
lăţime de lucru 6 m
reglarea hidraulică a cantităţii seminţelor
compactor cu pneuri mediane
Conținut rezervor 3000 litri

an fabricatie 2005;
6,00 m latime de lucru;
3,00 m latime de transport; rabatabila hidraulic;
24 gheare cu brazdare DUETT pentru semanat in benzi; gheare Multi Grip;
packer frontal pe toata latimea de lucru 185/65-15 AS;
packer cu roti 185/65-15 AS;
grebla de acoperire pe 2 randuri; buncar pentru samanta 3.000 l;
sistem de comanda si urmarire a semanarii Drillmanager;
suflanta antrenata hidraulic; marcatori hidraulici;
garantie de functionare la predare-primire.

Informatii despre dealeri
MEWI and its German partner HEINRICH SCHRÖDER LANDMASCHINEN aimed, since its beginnings in 1995, to set the wheel in motion in the Romanian agriculture. In order to achieve this, it marketed products from acknowledged manufacturers, i.e. modern tractors, machines and equipment, and offered state-of-the-art agricultural technology to revive and render profitable our obsolete agriculture. We like to think that MEWI plays an important role in the ongoing development of agriculture and of the domestic fleet of tractors and machinery, in a country that was deemed since the mid-nineteenth century as an essentially agrarian country. MEWI gained appreciation from well-known European manufacturers, growing from one year to the next, and becoming importer and dealer in Romania of several brands recognised worldwide. In addition to the sales services we provide, our strong point includes warranty and post-warranty services for tractors and equipment, supply of original spare parts and full service. MEWI sells currently state-of-the-art tractors and agricultural equipment, produced by top manufacturers:

Fendt, Challenger and Valtra tractors
combine harvesters
no-till and mini-till soil working equipment
classical soil working equipment
seed drills
plant protection equipment
transport equipment of agricultural products
forage harvesters
facilities demanded by an agricultural enterprise

Through MEWI’s specialised departments, its more than 160 employees are prepared to address with no delay any request. Prospective MEWI customers may be provided with financial advice in addition to technical and commercial consultancy and details on repair / maintenance services, spare parts, etc. MEWI provides on-site support to its customers during agricultural campaigns. Currently, no one affords downtimes, and MEWI is not an exception: it is properly prepared for such challenges. Rapid couriers deliver at any place within the country, within 24 hours, the spare parts ordered by our customers. Latest logistic standards were used to build our new warehouse and to arrange the stock, to provide with no delay any spare part, from the smallest one to the larger units produced by European manufacturers of agricultural equipment. The small exhibition stand existing at our registered office displays the offers of our manufacturing partners, promotional items and specialised literature. Each visitor may be provided with expert advice, visit the machine fleet or test drive the modern tractors.

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Contactarea ofertantului
MEWI Import Export Agrar Industrietechnik SRL
Jud. Timis DN 69 Timisoara – Arad, Km 22
RO-307305 Orţişoara
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